ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra – unique engineering technology

May 1, 2018 | 2018 News Stories

ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra – unique engineering technology

May 1, 2018 | 2018 News Stories

ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra is our new high performance dressing, suitable for moderate to heavily exuding wounds.
Natalie Wood

Associate Product Manager, ActivHeal

ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra is our new high performance dressing, suitable for moderate to heavily exuding wounds. Engineered with a unique quilting technology, the bespoke needling pattern ensures the perfect balance of strength and absorbency. Unlike other fibre dressings that are needled all over, Aquafiber Extra is needled in parallel lines to increase absorbency.

The increased strength of Aquafiber Extra is attributed to the hidden integrity layer. The hidden integrity layer of Aquafiber Extra is more than twiceas strong as the re-enforced layer of ActivHeal® Aquafiber and aids the intact removal of the dressing even when challenged with high exudate volume.


ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra v Aquacel® Extra

On cost alone ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra provides the clinician with more dressing for their money. An Aquacel® Extra 10 x 10cm dressing weighs on average 1.7g and costs £2.41. ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra weighs 2.5g and is more cost effective at £1.80 for a 10 x 10cm dressing2. The extra thickness and quilting pattern of the Aquafiber Extra increases the absorbency capabilities of the dressing by almost 50% more than Aquacel® Extra3, with no impact to the conformability of the dressing due to the instant gelling action of the CMC & alginate mix4.


Activheal® Aquafiber Extra has higher absorbency compared to other leading competitors3.

Aquafiber Extra
The lateral wicking of ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra has at least equivalent lateral wicking properties to Aquacel Extra3,5. In-vitro data demonstrates the ability of Aquafiber Extra to lock in absorbed fluid, preventing the lateral spread of exudate, thus protecting the periwound skin and reducing the risk of maceration.


AMS Data on file LD024-16, P3177

CMC v Alginate

There is a trend towards the use of 100% CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose) dressings, most notably due to gelling capabilities of the CMC fibres, however there are benefits to a CMC/alginate mix in a dressing. 100% CMC dressings offer a high level of gelling but the fibres can tend to fall away from the dressings stitching when loaded with exudate. On the other hand 100% Alginate dressings have a low level gelling but a high level of integrity, whereas ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra brings together the benefits of both technologies.

ActivHeal® Aquafiber Extra is made from an innovative mix of two proven wound care technologies. The dressings are made from an alginate scaffold with CMC material as oppose to 100% CMC fibres. The benefit of this specific mix is the high absorbency and gelling observed in all CMC dressings with the increased strength and integrity attributed to the alginate scaffolding.  The CMC swells when in contact with wound exudates but remains intact due to the alginate scaffolding resulting in integral removal of the dressing.

Why ActivHeal?

The ActivHeal® range of advanced wound care dressings were specifically developed as an affordable and effective wound care solution for the NHS by Advanced Medical Solutions.  This range provides a full and comprehensive selection, to support healing at all stages and has been demonstrated to provide clinical effectiveness in practice, combined with significant cost savings6.

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6. Making the Case



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