Making the case for appropriate dressing selection with Activheal®

Feb 2, 2018 | 2018 News Stories

Making the case for appropriate dressing selection with Activheal®

Feb 2, 2018 | 2018 News Stories

This document can be used to make the case for implementing effective prevention and management measures and may be supported by data from your own care setting. As well as economic impact, it is important to know the impact of interventions on a patient’s quality of life and clinical outcomes.

Non-healing wounds currently represent a significant burden to the NHS, where it is estimated that 4-5% of the adult population has a stalled wound at any one time (Guest et al, 2017). Choosing an appropriate dressing to aid wound healing can be a complicated process. However getting the dressing selection right can help to save time and reduce waste, which in turn helps to make budgets go further without any impact to patient outcomes or their overall satisfaction levels.

The ActivHeal wound care range offers a simplified generic colour-coded approach to packaging with clear descriptions to help facilitate the correct selection every time. This reduces waste and frees up the clinicians time, allowing them to focus on the needs of their patient. The ActivHeal range comprises a foam range, a fibre range, an antimicrobial range and a silicone range which have all been demonstrated to be clinically effective whilst helping healthcare facilities to make financial savings of up to £55K per annum, without impacting on patient outcomes. The ActivHeal range offers a complete solution for chronic and acute wounds. Developed specifically for the NHS; the dressings are well researched and clinically evaluated on a range of patients within the clinical setting and have been rated by the clinicians who have assessed them as being ‘equivalent to‘ or ‘better than‘ the original branded dressings used in almost all cases (Lewis 2009).

As well as well researched and clinically effective wound care dressings, ActivHeal supports its customers with a multi-tiered education programme, which ranges from a simplified basic level through to a five module university approved programme that can be rolled out across trusts and other healthcare settings to support the varying training needs of clinicians at all levels.

To read more about the ActivHeal® total solutions range click here.



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    ActivHeal is a registered trademark of Advanced Medical Solutions Ltd. Only applicable in the EU
    ActivHeal is a registered trademark of Advanced Medical Solutions Ltd. Only applicable in the EU